I’m Katri and this is my artistic portfolio. 


I do poetry and sound that most likely mix and merge with other areas of art.

My main interest is in cross-art where disciplines meet, freely opening up a playful context to experiment and explore living forms of artistic interaction.

My artistic work itself, in a way, is a study of connectedness.


I examine how composing relates to listening, feeling to signification, subjectivity to the other. Through cross-disciplinary practices I reflect upon my intrinsic orientations towards sensuous clues by using artistic methods related to active, holistic listening, in order to frame and shift my focus from one element to another.

By doing so,

I reposition myself in respect of the other -

the one I’m co-creating with.


That is my process.


Words and sound are my most obvious instruments of artistic expression and thought.


To me writing relates to silence, no matter if the outcome will function as part of cross-art composition, as lyrics or as poetry itself. It's a mere process of getting connected with words, their meanings, how do they sound and where do they lead to.


Words being organized by emotion and thought that, in return,

re-organize emotion and thought.


Sound I approach as a streaming, multi-sensuous texture, which associates strongly with emotions and embraces change. Silence, here, is to be seen as an extension of sound.



When having an idea for collaboration,

feel free to contact me.