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Challenge Me is about game changing in the realm of the unreal.


"During the first days in the factory I was walking in this really big space, totally empty. Just to experience the space. To be inside. Doing some stuff. I was thinking the sound, and that maybe I should ask you to do some crazy things with the music. Here we are now. You should be careful of what you think of. As I got closer to the ground I found these little precious pieces of some old furniture. I started to stare one piece very closely and saw a universe inside of it. I started to feel that I am the one that has to experience it. I began to touch the items and stuff so that they became images and pictures. I started to think of how could I show this beautiful universe to people. Then I came up with the idea of using those lenses and channelling this image of the universe through them. To put it into a story. Not the kind of a story with a plot, but like an abstract story. The close-ups. What's inside of an object. It tells something about life. If you look at small things you will understand the big picture."


-Francesco Zanatta-

Music by MITE ITEM

Lyrics by Katri Salmenoja

Video by Francesco Zanatta

Editing of the video by Katri Salmenoja

Concept by Katri Salmenoja & Francesco Zanatta

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