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Founded is a live electro-acoustic composition exploring the creation of unity out of the disjointed. It articulates perspectives on the synergy between autonomous elements coming together and creating a space for parallel happenings as a form of a dialogue.


The artwork respects sound for its flexibility and ability to represent change. Inspired by Husserl’s philosophy, it considers sounds as pieces, which will not lose their independency by becoming parts of a whole. The founded content - the sensuous form of unity - will be treated as an aspect of experience, through which the notion of the undivided is being emerged. 


Founded transforms the stage into a live studio creating a mixed composition based on the shared improvisation between musicians and computers. The live soundscape will change bit by bit, reshaping the form and blurring the boundaries between

a sound installation and an electro concert.


Listen to the Demo Track here.

Sound Installation by Aki Himanen, Mikko Kierikki, Iikka Kotaja & Katri Salmenoja

Supported by Teosto I Villa Vikan

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