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Kulovalkea is an old-fashioned Finnish word meaning a rapidly expanding wildfire, a metaphor to witness something visually beautiful and an opportunity to plant new trees. With ethereal ambiences and dreamy landscapes like moving paintings, the performance lays out a playground for creative movements that take the spectator to a playful and curious headspace. Through collaboration and confrontation, seemingly ordinary things turn into something unexpected and twisted.
The truth is not always what reality conveys, but more what’s dragged from our subconscious minds, dreams and visions, buried deep in our psyche… and sometimes read out loud from a cut newspaper. Kulovalkea offers an array of fragmented scenes that feed the curiosity yet defy rationality. In a world seeking meaning and awareness we want to enhance the importance of the unimportant. 
We seek a feeling that gets you carried away with the rhythm of detailed actions that are absurd and fun to experience, like an uncontrolled stream of conciousness. A very detailed, well rhythmic and disorienting exprerience of motion and mood.
The origins of Sirkum Polaris go back to 10 Finns meeting in a local youth circus in Finland. A solid decade later all of them graduated from different circus schools around the world. Now they embark on a new adventure with the artistic team of Nuua and together bring you their first co-created multidisciplinary circus performance “Kulovalkea”.


Direction by Olli Vuorinen

Performers Rosa-Maria Autio, Merri Heikkilä, Valpuri Kaarninen, Nelli Kujansivu, Liisa Näykki, Maria Peltola, Onni Toivonen, Petteri Savikorpi, Pinja Seppälä, Juho Yrjölä, Jaimee Allen

Music / Sound design by Katri Salmenoja

Light design by Teo Lanerva

Production by Sirkum Polaris & Nuua

Website: Sirkum Polaris


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