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”Play makes children dream, adults wake up” Isaac de Martin 2016


There’s a crucial difference between play and being playful. I consider play as a state of being to be taken seriously, whereas the act of being playful means going superficial, not losing yourself to the meaningful present openly. Children are masters of tracing the real play form the fake one. You can’t really lean towards play from the outside. You have to figure out your own way to throw yourself into it.


Play enables imagination to create scenes that are there because you can innerly see them. Through play we connect ourselves to our surroundings by building up new meanings of the moment of time emerging through interaction. Play can breed new contemporary aesthetics, especially when there’s not a mutual sign system to be shared. Play breaths in experienced reality and exhales a version of the moment - be it in a form of a sound scape, a storyline, an idea or a meaning etc. Playing is hard work and demands high concentration. It grounds you to the present, sharpens your senses and directs your attention to what’s happening in between you and the other.


Playing together as a group what you really do is listen. Live composing and improvising as a collective creates a context, which allows you to belong and to be spontaneous at the same time. Collective improvisation makes every member of the group to become a director and a creator of the whole. Improvising as a form of play isn’t just about imagination. It’s an ongoing balance practice of picking up and letting be. It’s about trusting without knowing what will come next. 


Here you can find a short video clip of the uninterrupted live improvisation

Play the Sound / Sound the Play by Sound Illustrators we did in Helsinki, May 2016. 

Music by Sound Illustrators

Photo by Tiina Nurmenniemi

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